Taking over the world. One powerbalLAD at a time.




We are Sound on High.

A couple of fellas from LegenDerry, Ireland, starting small and aiming big. Dreaming about taking over the world, one powerbalLAD at a time.

Long time friends, singers and song writers, making up songs about love, life, loss and anything else. 

Just two lads. Two guitars. Sometimes a piano and a double bass. Plenty of vocals. Plenty of harmonies. Plenty of ohs. 

We started the band in lockdown, writing, recording, releasing and promoting #NewMusicEveryWeek.

Since then we've continued to write, record and release... check out our latest punk rock powerbalLAD Crazy Baby, OUT NOW!!

Critically claimed. And classically trained. From rock and roll, to country and soul. Blues. And pop. Check us out on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube (and everywhere else!).




#Sundayrecommends is a small token of our gratitude, and a tip of the cap, to those bands, artists and performances (and the like), that have helped inspire and shape us as individuals, song writers and performers, and as a band.


#flashbackfriday is a short collection of photos and comments of some of our favourite gigs we've been to. 

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