Rock Monster.
Our second single. Out
Furious rock and roll. There's a freight train coming... 

On writing Rock Monster, Pete said "you know it's sort of… it's the closest we’ll ever get to social commentary. I think the line 'why can’t we see the fire through the trees' what I had in my mind was the picture of the kangaroo silhouetted against the backdrop of the Australian bush fires earlier this year, that was obviously a really impactful image. And then with everything else going on just now; the frustration, the despair, how scary some of it can be. I think Rock Monster sort of reflects that; the pace of the song, the siren wailing, the furious solo. We didn’t really think it consciously or say ‘this is what we want to achieve’ but it all sort of just came together. We don't really get too opinionated on this stuff – this is as close it gets.”
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